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 Tutor Introduction - Wingwong

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PostSubject: Tutor Introduction - Wingwong   Tutor Introduction - Wingwong I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2015 6:50 pm

Hello fellow guildmates! Your owner here taking up the position for the Ninja Tutor! Choose this talent and you'll be learning under me! Should you need any help, feel free to contact me in game or on Skype, I'm available whenever I don't have school or work.

Ninja is great skillset. It allows for great combat diversity and gives you a multitude of styles to fight with. Being able to mix with other talents very easily, mastering this talent early on will give you a solid structure for any other talents you would like to pair up with.

The skillset of a ninja includes:
- A bind that locks the enemy in place
- An array of explosives that allow you to control the battlefield
- A smokescreen that lowers the defense of multiple targets
- A very nifty Area of Effect ability that shreds the surrounding area with cherry blossom 'sakura' petals; covers a larger area when fully charged
- A storm of kunais to rain hell on your enemies
- A cloak of shadow to hide your presence as well as blow your enemies away when you re-appear
- Last but not least, a chargeable shuriken ability that deals more damage and spreads further when charged fully

I HIGHLY reccomend that you choose this skillset when starting, but will not look down upon you for deciding to stick with another skill.

Ninja pairs EXCEPTIONALLY well with:
- Warrior
- Ninja
- Archer (Ish)

Wingwong In-Game

Kibo 5Evar
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Tutor Introduction - Wingwong
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