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 Matachi the Old but still very Handsome

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PostSubject: Matachi the Old but still very Handsome   Matachi the Old but still very Handsome I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 05, 2015 3:26 pm

Hi there,

My IGN is Matachi. My real name is Peter Bui. I am currently in a relationship with Rawnie, but I am also seeing Wingwong secretly on the side. (Please don't let Rawnie or my wife know about this. I intend to keep it a secret from them ). I live in the gun-slinging, horse-riding, with bipolar-like weather, southern region of the United States known as Texas. Houston, Texas to be specific, if anyone of you decide to stalk me, which you all are welcome to.

I'm 19 years old and am currently in a public college. I plan on becoming a nurse anesthetist, the person that puts people to sleep before a surgery. I chose this career because I like putting people to sleep. Sometimes forever. My hobbies include drawing, playing games, playing the piano and the flute, watching anime, studying, playing tennis, and taking long, thoughtful showers. I also enjoy watching Korean dramas every now and then, usually the medical ones.

I've been playing Mabinogi ever since it was in open beta, which was back in '07 or '08. I forgot. I played for about 3 months and then quit. I made many close friends at the time, but keep in touch with only two of them now.  I started playing again during the beginning of the summer of 2013 on the same character, who was only total level 99. I first met the Kibo group before it was even a guild. How I met them is a very long and awkward story (I met a girl, she became my friend, I became her son, she became my mom, who at the time was also Wingwong's mom, we left the family, eloped, and spawned four beautiful children; three boys and one girl). And somewhere in between, I met and grew close to the majority of the Kibo members you all know today. They are weird and almost always perverted. But they are also an amazing group filled with talented, humorous, outgoing, intelligent, and ambitious individuals.
They -ahem- WE are insanely awesome.

So, yeah. That's all there is about me that I feel I should let you know.
By the way, I'm offering dating services/advice for those that are interested. I'm able to get that boy/girl who you secretly watch shop in Dunbarton to fall insanely in love with you. Or I could just give you top-notch, 100% success guaranteed love advice to make you yourself snatch your crush's heart.
Base price is 10 million gold coins. Services/advice charged separately and accordingly based on the scenario presented.

See you around,
Matachi the Old, who is also known as Peter the Insanely Handsome

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Matachi the Old but still very Handsome Empty
PostSubject: Re: Matachi the Old but still very Handsome   Matachi the Old but still very Handsome I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 05, 2015 7:49 pm


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Matachi the Old but still very Handsome
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